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Health & Well-being

Your child's health is important to us.  We ask that parents notify us of any medical conditions or medication the child may be taking.  Our staff is certified in CPR and/or First Aid through the American Red Cross.  Should an accident occur, first aid will be administered.  If illness becomes apparent during the day, the parents will be contacted by the Center to pick up the child.  If a student is involved in a serious accident, or incident that may be life threatening, the parents/guardians and 911 will be contacted immediately.  KKCC will allow the child to be transported to a local hospital emergency room and treated by paramedics.  The parent(s) will be financially responsible for any, and all medical bills incurred.  Furthermore, KKCC is released from any liability connected with emergency room or paramedic’s medical treatment.


It is MANDATORY that parents provide the Center with current emergency phone numbers and update them as needed.  If your child is absent due to serious or communicable illnesses, your child will need a doctor’s note to return to the Center.  When necessary, every effort will be made to contact parents or persons listed on your emergency contact sheet.

Hand Washing

Unwashed hands are the primary carriers of bacteria and germs that cause illness.  Hand washing is the most important, effective preventive action one can take to prevent the spread of germs and virus.  We ask that parents teach their child proper hand washing at home to assist us in our effort to keep a germ free environment.


Students will wash their hands:


  • When arriving for the day

  • Before eating

  • After eating

  • When coming in from outdoor play

  • After sensory play such as sand or water tables

  • After toileting

  • When exposed to bodily fluids - such as blood or vomit

  • After wiping noses, mouths, or cuts

  • After handling animals


Children may not use or be given hand sanitizer as a substitute for hand washing.  Hand sanitizers, found in drug stores, significantly reduce the number of germs on the skin and are fast acting. However, hand sanitizers will not remove dirt and other debris from hands.

Sick Children

Sick children are not allowed at the Center.  Symptoms of illness that require exclusion from our program include a change in bowel habits (i.e. loose stool that occurs more than twice or with other symptoms), vomiting, high temperature/fever, undiagnosed rashes, and cold symptoms that do not subside.


Once it is discovered that a child is ill parents will be notified.  Parent, guardian or parent authorized person must pick up the child within thirty (30) minutes.  If the parent or guardian cannot be reached in a timely manner, staff will contact supplied emergency contacts.  Therefore, it is important that emergency forms are always up to date.


Ill children sent home may not return to the Center unless they have been symptom free for 24 hours.   This policy has been established for the health and safety of your child as well as the staff and the other children. No exceptions will be made. 


Communicable Diseases

Parents MUST inform KKCC if a child is infected with or has been exposed to a reportable communicable disease (e.g. conjunctivitis, chickenpox, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, strep throat, ring worm).  We will not admit a child with a contagious disease during the period of communicability.  Readmission to KKCC requires a written note by the child’s pediatrician or licensed health practitioner. 


When a child is diagnosed as having a contagious illness, the child must be excluded from KKCC for the period of time defined by the Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  A doctor’s note will be needed indicating that the period of contagion has passed if symptoms persist after a child was diagnosed with a communicable illness.  If a child is diagnosed with a contagious illness over the weekend or holiday break, parents should still notify Administration and the child’s teacher so that proper parent notification can be processed.



Staff will only administer medication if the Medication Authorization Form (OCC 1216) is completed and signed by the parent and child's physician or certified nurse practitioner.  Prescription medication MUST be in its original box with prescription label.  The label should contain the medication name, child’s name, dosage, route, time and frequency of administration, and the condition for which the medication is being administered.  Staff will only administer one (1) dosage of medication per day. 


Over the counter oral or non-topical medication will NOT be administered (i.e., Children's Tylenol, Advil, Allergy relief, etc.) 


Topical items like lotions, diaper rash products, sunscreen, insect repellent etc. do not require a Medication Administration Form.  Topical items will not be administered unless the parent provides the item and a written consent. 



Mosquito Repellent

Parents should provide mosquito or bug repellents for their child for staff to apply prior to going outdoors.  Especially during months when there’s an increase of bugs and mosquitoes.  This is considered a topical application and requires parental written authorization.  Label the bottle with your child’s name.


During the summer months, parents should apply sunscreen on children before drop-off.   If requested by parents, teachers may apply a second application of spray on sunscreen.  This will be done once parents provide an unexpired bottle of spray-on sunscreen that has been labeled with the child’s name, along with written authorization.




It is important and the parent's responsibility to make KKCC Administration and staff aware of any allergies or sensitivities the child may have, as well as plans for responding in the event of an allergic reaction.  These must be documented on the child’s Emergency Form and Health Inventory Form. 


KKCC is a nut free Center.  Although we will do our best to assure that children are not exposed to allergens, KKCC cannot guarantee that your child will not be exposed to peanuts, peanut by products, peanut oils, shellfish, and or other allergens to which your child may have sensitivities. 



Smoke Free Facility

Due to the acknowledged health threat to young children from exposure to tobacco smoke pollution, it’s our policy to provide a smoke free environment for children, parents, staff, and visitors.  Smoking is prohibited in indoor and outdoor areas of KKCC.  As well as during off-site activities.



Child Abuse & Neglect

The safety and security of children in our care is important.  Staff are familiar with the symptoms of child abuse including physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse and neglect.  If we have reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect, we are mandated by law to report it to the appropriate community agency and or the appropriate law enforcement agency.  Staff are not required to inform parents of their decision to call Child Protective Services.

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