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Welcome to OUR family!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Kiddies Kollege Christian Center (KKCC).  With the assistance of called, committed, caring and compassionate staff we will guide your child in the knowledge of God, the development of Christian character and academic excellence.  At Kiddies Kollege we promote safe and healthy working conditions, and our policies foster mutual respect, cooperation, collaboration, competence, well-being, confidentiality, and self-esteem in our students and staff members. 

Conflict Resolution

KKCC operates under a Director, Assistant Director(s), and Teacher leadership.  The Director oversees academics, discipline, and daily operations of the program.  The Assistant Director(s) support the Director, supervise staff, assist parents and staff with inquiries, as well as provide support in the classrooms when teaching staff is not available. 


Ongoing, two-way communication is the best method for preventing conflict.  When individuals disagree, each has the responsibility to respectfully consider the other's views, to act in the best interest of any children involved, and to assume that the other party is doing the same.  KKCC will not tolerate any instance of harassment, intimidation, bias, or unlawful discrimination.  We are committed to a violence-free workplace. 



Conflict in Classroom

When parents have concerns about a class situation, their child’s progress, or classroom activity parent should contact the child’s teaching staff.  This is typically the most effective means of resolving an issue.  The best time to contact teaching staff is between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. which does not interrupt classroom routines and activities.  After first speaking with teaching staff and the situation hasn’t been resolved, parents may contact the administrative staff to assist in the matter.  If necessary, an in-person meeting may be requested by parents, teaching staff, or administrative staff. 

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