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Welcome to OUR family!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Kiddies Kollege Christian Center (KKCC).  With the assistance of called, committed, caring and compassionate staff we will guide your children in the knowledge of God, the development of Christian character and academic excellence.  At Kiddies Kollege we promote safe and healthy working conditions and policies that foster mutual respect, cooperation, collaboration, competence, well-being, confidentiality, and self-esteem in our students and staff members. 

After enrollment, parents have access to, and are free to observe all areas of the facility used for child care during operating hours, without appointment.  Most of our classrooms have glass windows to allow parents to observe their child without interrupting the class.  We ask parents to observe the classroom through the glass windows to cause minimal disruption to classroom activities.  

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There are several ways that KKCC staff will communicate with parents.  It is our intent to keep a positive and open line of communication between parents, staff, and administration.  We communicate with parents through the Daily Communicator Sheets, monthly newsletters, telephone calls, and posters on the classroom doors, emails, KKCC's website, and messages through the sign in computers. 

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Parental Input

KKCC operates under a Director, Assistant Director and Teacher leadership.  The Director oversees academics, discipline and daily operations of the Center.  Parents should feel free to contact KKCC’s Administrative staff with questions or suggestions about the Center’s operation. 


In some cases parents may have concerns about a class, situation, or their child’s progress.  The first person to contact is the teacher.  This is typically the most effective means of resolving an issue.  If the situation is not resolved to your satisfaction you may contact the Assistant Director or Director.   Parents wishing to express additional concerns may request a conference with their teacher and or the Director. 


Twice a year parents are asked to complete surveys and questionnaires about their child’s teacher and overall satisfaction of our program where parents are also free to express concerns or offer suggestions to improve our program. 

KKCC will not tolerate any instance of harassment, intimidation, bias or unlawful discrimination and is committed to a violence-free environment.

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Parental Access & Involvement

Parent involvement can make a difference in a child’s education.  KKCC provides various ways and opportunities for parents to be involved in a variety of Center activities throughout the year.  Parents are encouraged to attend all Center and off center events; such as, being a chaperone on field trips, reading to the class, sharing information about your profession, attending your child’s classroom birthday party, attending Center functions and celebration events, volunteering to help with projects and games, and sharing about cultural traditions.   Speak to your child's teacher about how you can become involved in the classroom and your child’s educational experience.

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