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Kiddies Kollege Christian Center is always in search of dedicated, motivated, nurturing professionals who love challenges and are committed to inspiring and molding eager young minds in a Christian-based setting. 


Various staff positions are needed to operate our Child Care Center.  All staff must meet certain educational and experience qualifications, get health screenings, and undergo background checks for FBI and State criminal histories in addition to child abuse and neglect clearances.


Meeting educational and experience requirements may qualify a person for a particular position, but results of criminal history record checks and child abuse and neglect clearances will determine suitability for employment.  The Office of Child Care may prohibit KKCC from hiring an individual based on background check findings.


All KKCC Teacher qualified staff members are part of the Maryland Child Care Credentialing Program.  Most staff are credentialed at a minimum level 2.  Being part of the Credentialing program will be contingent your employment at Kiddies Kollege after your first year of employment.  Staff must renew their Child Care Credentialing application on a yearly basis and attempt to move a level higher.  

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As part of KKCC teaching staff, employees are required to work with children ages 2 through 5 years of age. Teachers and Assistants may be assigned to any classroom or age group, at the discretion of administration, availability and needs of the center. You may be asked to assist in different classrooms with children of different age groups at any given time. Your schedule and work hours are determined based on the needs and availability of the center.  Staff must be available during business hours. 

General Responsibilities:

  • Must maintain prompt hours; notify the school in the event of illness or emergency.

  • Must maintain neat and clean appearance.

  • Must attend staff meetings, in-service training and report problems with children or room management in writing to the Director immediately.

  • Must attend 12 hours of continuing education in early childhood each year.

  • Must follow all KKCC personnel policies and procedures.



Classroom Procedures:

  • Plan monthly lesson plans for your group.

  • Execute appropriate early childhood education experiences with a variety of materials in developmental areas such as art, music, science, math, phonics, and literature.

  • Implement and supervise activities that promote healthy emotional, social, intellectual and physical development of each child.

  • Provide and maintain a neat, organized classroom that provides a positive environment for children to learn.

  • Maintain the upkeep of all educational equipment and material.

  • Maintain records of each child’s progress, growth and development 4 times per year.  Discuss report with parents and Director.

  • Maintain continuous communication with parents in regards to each child’s developmental growth and behavior.  Make parents aware immediately of any concerns or problems.

  • Conduct parent conferences twice a year.

  • Supervise all activities to in sure the safety of each child.

  • Be aware of state regulations and program emergency procedures.

  • All other duties as assigned.


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