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Fees & Payments



KKCC is a private institution that operates on a tight budget mainly derived from tuition payments. Timely payment allows KKCC to offer high-quality services, teacher materials and supplies, and a well-trained and educated staff.  Therefore, KKCC uses Tuition Express (third party processor) for tuition payments. Payments (tuition, late fees, pictures, books, field trips, etc.), are automatically withdrawn from the checking account provided by the parent. Tuition Express allows one checking account on file per child.  Completed Tuition Express Forms must be completed with the child's registration.  Tuition Express Due Dates given indicate the day you are responsible to have funds available for the ACH draft. 


Parent(s) who choose not to use Tuition Express to pay fees, may pay tuition with a bank card or credit card.  Non-Tuition Express payments must be paid four-weeks in advance.  Tuition is due on Monday mornings.   These payments should be in accordance with every other Tuition Express payment cycle. 


There is no credit, discounts, or refund for sick days, snow days, acts of God, inclement weather, holidays, or parent/child vacations.

Security Deposit

Parents are required to pay a Security Deposit of two (2) weeks tuition for each child being enrolled.  KKCC will credit this deposit to the child's last 2 weeks in the program when a four-week withdrawal notice is provided, and as long as the family’s account is in good standing.  No refunds of deposit shall be given.  It should be noted that if the weekly rate increases between time of enrollment and time of withdrawal, the two-week deposit may not fully cover the last two weeks of enrollment.  Parents are responsible for any difference. 



Initial Payment

The initial payment is made up of the Security Deposit (2 weeks of tuition), payment for the first 2 weeks of service, and the Book Fee for the current year.  The Initial payment does NOT include the Registration Fee.  Security Deposit and Initial Payment is due on the child's first day of service.  Initial fees must be paid using your bank card or credit card.  NO cash or personal checks will be accepted for the initial fee.  All fees are NON-Refundable.


Credit Card Processing Fee

We have eliminated taking payments with money order or cashier’s checks for returned items, registration fees, initial payments, tuition, or balances of any kind.  Payments processed using your a bank card or credit card are subject to a 2% Card Processing fee.  This is approximately half of the total fee charged by Tuition Express for processing a credit card payment.  The 2% Card Processing fee is in addition to any other fees.  Only VISA or MASTERCARD cards are accepted. 

Returned ACH Payment

There is a $35.00 returned item fee if the ACH payment is returned for non-sufficient funds or other reason.  Should there be an accidental withdrawal on your account by KKCC, you will be reimbursed the amount of the accidental draw.  Should your bank account be charged an overdraft fee or fees you will be reimbursed a maximum of $35.



Late Payment

Tuition is due by close of business each Monday provided with on the Tuition Express Due Dates. A $10 per day late fee will be charged to all accounts that are not paid in full by due dates.  Families with balances that exceed their deposit may be suspended and or terminated from the program. 



Rate Change

KKCC’s 3yr-old weekly tuition rate is less than our 2yr-old weekly tuition rate.  Parents of children turning three years of age are responsible for completing a transition letter with potty-training verification and are responsible for turning it in to the front office to initiate rate change.  Should a parent fail to submit the transition/verification letter, KKCC offers no refund for the price differential between the 2yr old tuition rate and the 3yr old tuition rate.  To qualify for the rate change your child must be fully three and fully potty-trained.  Potty-training verification must be done by your child’s teacher.  KKCC defines “potty-trained” as no more than two (2) accidents in a consecutive two (2) week period.



Late Pick-Up Fee

KKCC closes at 6:15pm.   Please plan your commute accordingly.  If you believe you are going to be late, remember to call the Center or make other arrangements for pick up.  Please give us sufficient notice, so our staff can make arrangements to their schedules as well.  Any child picked up between 6:15pm and 6:30pm will incur a late fee of $1 per minute.  Children picked up after 6:30pm will incur a $2 per minute late pick up fee.  Late fees will be deducted from the account given for Tuition Express with the next tuition cycle.

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