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Our Program

Providing a Private School Education at an affordable price!

Christian Curriculum

The Abeka Book curriculum is a comprehensive, biblically-based curriculum, textbooks, teaching aids, and more for Preschool through Grade twelve(12). The Abeka Book curriculum is developed by a Pensacola Christian College and provides one of the most academically challenging preschool curricula available.

We seek to provide children with an educational program that guides the social, spiritual and intellectual development of the child. 

So What Exactly Will My Child Learn at KKCC?

At Kiddies Kollege Christian Center we provide a program that offers activities and curricula designed to fundamentally enhance the following:

  • Student's language

  • Analytical skills 

  • Developing social skills while guiding them in the knowledge of God,

  • Development of Christian Character and academic excellence. 

Activities and Curricula include:

  • Language Arts

  • Arithmetic

  • The Bible

  • Cursive Writting

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