Our admissions and registration process during the COVID-19 pandemic is a follows:

  1. View Tuition Rates.

  2. Tour the facility virtually.  No in person tours will be done.

  3. Review the COVID-19 Safety page.

  4. Review Our Program page which contains information about our Curriculum, Activities, and KKCC's policies on Health & Well-being, Positive Guidance, Dress Code, Meals as well as Fees & Payments.

  5. Download and complete required forms on the Forms tab.  Completing the forms on the website does not mean that your child is registered in our program.  Registration is done in person by appointment with a KKCC staff member.  Additional forms will be provided upon registration.  

  6. Schedule a time to come in and register your child into our program.

  7. Submit all required documents and payments prior to your child's first day.

Children will not be allowed to enter the facilities if they have had a fever of 100.4 or greater within the last 24 hours, have other signs of illness or have persons in the household with symptoms of COVID-19.  Children transitioning from a center that has closed due to COVID-19 exposure will not be admitted until the have quarantined for 14 days and can present documentation that they are COVID-19-free. 

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