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Safety Precautions

We continuously evaluate our practices and procedures and modify them as needed for added safety measures.  Every change and effort made, is to continue to protect our students, staff and parents.

  • Face masks are OPTIONAL.

  • Access to the building is restricted. Only students and staff may enter. Visitors should ring the doorbell for for assistance.

  • Students and staff must wash their hands upon entering the assigned classroom. 

  • "Contactless" check in is being used 100% of the time through the Procare app.  

  • Students’ temperatures are taken when entering the assigned classroom.

  • Classroom "pods" have been created where only children and students of the assigned classroom will only socialize with each other.  

  • During nap, cots are spaced further apart from each other.

  • Additional tables have been added to classrooms to seat children further apart from each other during table activities and lunch time.

  • During some activities children are kept in groups of 3 or 4

  • Toys are being sanitized after every use with a bleach and water solution.

  • Personal toys are not allowed in the building.

  • Increased air flow by opening windows and turning fans on in the classrooms throughout the day.

  • Temperature settings on HVAC and heating units are adjusted to cooler temperatures.  

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