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Testimonials & Reviews from the Parents

We take pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied parents have said about us!

May 12, 2014

"We are so glad that we made KKCC our childcare of choice for both Joelle and Joi.  The academic, social and Christian foundation our children received at KKCC is immeasurable.  It is with great appreciation that our family departs, wishing the very best for all of our teachers, staff and administration.  Again your contribution to our family has been invaluable.  We are forever grateful and will keep you in our hearts and prayers."



October 28, 2013

"I love KKCC and the Abeka Curriculum, my daughter has learned so much. I enrolled my daughter at 3 and we are still at the center. She is now in the five-year-old preschool program. I read a negative review about their 5-year-old program not being accredited, but after speaking to the Director and Owner they put me at ease. I was told that as long as I notified the school system that my daughter was not attending public school this year I wouldn't have a problem enrolling her into first grade. To confirm this I contacted PGCPS and they confirmed that the statement was correct. I also went out to the elementary school where my child will attend next fall and spoke to their principal. Apparently they are not aware of the rules; once I told them that I had gotten confirmation they retracted their statement. My daughter is at KKCC and loves her teacher and I am very pleased with all she is learning. What is being taught in her classroom room exceeds what our local public school offers. The school, the teachers, the curriculum and the extra-curricular activities that they do are awesome! "



September 14, 2013

"This childcare's educational program is magnificent! KKCC provides a clean, safe, orderly learning environment for children. Prior to choosing KKCC,I spent several months searching for the right school for my two-year-old son. Many of the renowned daycares in Anne Arundel and Howard counties did not provide the same level of excellence. To top it all off, KKCC has extremely competitive tuition. If you make the decision to enroll your son or daughter in this school, you will not be disappointed". 



July 10, 2013

"I am the mother of a child that attended preschool and the five-year-old program at Kiddies Kollege. My child has been successfully enrolled in Howard County Public Schools to attend 1st grade this fall. In my experience with Kiddies any concerns I had regarding my child s educational or social development were addressed promptly. I found the staff was responsive and worked with me to address any issues. When I enrolled my child at this center 2 years ago I was out of state and needed a preschool where my child could learn academically and progress socially. I spoke with the Director at the time who advised I would need to bring my child to the Center to be assessed before enrollment. I drove from NC to MD the following week. During the assessment I saw my child come out of his shell and begin to interact with the teachers and the other kids. In those 1.5 hours, my decision was made. Kiddies Kollege nurtured my child and gave him a great academic foundation to build upon. I trusted Kiddies Kollege with my baby and they gave me back an independent free-thinking little boy well equipped to start his academic career. I would highly recommend Kiddies Kollege to any parent." 



April 29, 2013

"I am a parent of 2 children that received a great education at Kiddies Kollege Christian Center. Their teachers are wonderful and nurturing and my daughters both learned to read by age 4. I have not experienced all of the classes but I am very impressed with Ms. Turner and Ms. Garnett as my 4 yr old daughter is well beyond where I had expected her to be and is very enthusiastic about learning. As a testament to her education, she visited 2 public school kindergarten teachers that stated she was more advanced than many of their students and she's not eligible for kindergarten until 2014. The facility is kept very clean by a full time janitorial staff which was my top requirement while I was seeking care. The administrative staff is also nice and open to suggestions and they have been very accommodating to make improvements within reason. Yes, they enforce the terms of their contract but that's what any business would do if they want to stay in business."



March 17, 2013

"My daughter has been attending this preschool since the age of 2, and my husband and I are very pleased. The staff are nurturing and the Abeka program is great. She recently turned 4, and is reading. We searched long and hard before deciding on placing our daughter in this center, and it's really is top-notch.



March 12, 2013

Awesome school! I have had all 3 of my children attend this facility. No center is perfect but I believe the average parent will be very impressed with the teachers, cleanliness, Abeka curriculum, free yoga and karate classes, secured entrance with cctv cameras, and great prices! All 3 of my children grew socially and academically and tested TAG (talented and gifted) in PGCPS!