Student Supply List

Plastic Container – Shoe-box Size with lid

(Used to store extra clothing)


Complete change of Clothes

(2 pairs of underwear, socks, shirt, pants or dress)


Lunch Bag with an Icepack

(Ice pack must be in Lunch Bag to keep food items fresh)


Book Bag with NO Wheels

(Large enough to fit sheets and blankets for nap)


Crib size fitted sheet

(To cover cots)


Crib size blanket


2 Pocket Folders


2 Large boxes of Tissues

(Used collectively)


2 packs of baby wipes

(Hypoallergenic; used collectively)


Additional items may be requested by your child's teacher.  See the Student Supply List.


The Basic Supply List differs from the Student Supply List.  Parents will be provided with the Student Supply List at begining of the school year or at time of registration; which will include school supplies and any additional supplies needed per classroom during that school year.  


*Parents please remember to LABEL ALL belongings including the food containers and toys brought in the school.



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