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Supply List

Items on this list are needed on the child's first day of care. 
See Classroom Supply List for additional items needed

Remember to LABEL ALL your child’s belongings including the food containers, bedding, extra clothes, and book bags.

ALL classroom supplies should be brought in during the last week of August or on your child's first day if starting on or after the first day of school. In most cases additional classroom supplies are used collectively. Unused collective supplies will not be returned at the end of the academic or non-academic year or if a child withdraws from the program.

1 Face mask/covering

      (For daily wear)


Plastic Container – Shoe-box Size with lid

      (Used to store extra clothing)


2 Complete changes of Clothes

      (Extra face mask, underwear, socks, shirt, pants, or dress)


Lunch Bag with an Ice Pack

      (Frozen ice pack must be in Lunch Bags every day to keep food items fresh)

Book Bag with NO Wheels

      (Large enough to hold sheets and blankets for nap)


Crib size fitted sheet

      (To cover cots)


Crib size blanket


2 Pocket Folders


2 Large boxes of Tissues

      (Used collectively)


If the child is not potty-trained:

      Pull-Ups (easy open & Velcro sides)

      Wipes (personal)

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