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Current or former KKCC parents who are making a difference in the Laurel community!  

Aki Thomas, proud father of Lexington Thomas who has been part of the Kiddies Kollege community for three years.  Mr. Thomas is the founder and owner of Team Thomas Basketball Camp. Formerly the Head Men’s Basketball Coach at UMBC and an Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at UMBC and Howard University, he began his career as a professional basketball player professionally in Venezuela.  Team Thomas is an affordable basketball camp for boys ages 6-16, where college-level coaches and players mentor your sons in the fundamental skills and knowledge of the game.  Campers will hone their skills, engage in competition, and most importantly have a fun and rewarding summer experience. Register and reserve your child's spot at 


Aki Thomas  - Founder and Owner of Team Thomas Basketball LLC

"hone your skills, engage in competition, and most importantly have a fun!"


Mrs. Green or "Mrs. Z", is the proud parent of Richelle  from the Busy Beez Classroom.  With over 19 years of Professional Experiences in the hair industry as a Hair stylist, platform artist, and educator, Mrs. Z specializes in Hair Care, Weaves and Cuts. She shares that "God, Family, and her clients are her number one priority in her life."  Mrs. Z focuses on Positive Habits, Positive Focus and Positive Self-Image.  Mrs. Z starts her day off with good thoughts about herself that carry on to seeing, and bringing out the beauty in others.  She understand that your time is valuable, therefore if you have an appointment with her, you can be sure she'll have you in and out on time.  As you leave her salon, you’ll walk out feeling great!  Mrs. Z is up for any challenge, and shares this secret "I Expect good things to happen, I appreciate what I have, and Thank the Lord for all that comes my way."  Discover the inner Beauty Secrets of Izola’s Hair Care. 

Experience Professional services in a timely fashion.  For a FREE Consultation, some TLC or to book an appointment; contact Mrs. Z at 410-693-0450

Izola Green "Mrs. Z" - Hair Stylist, Platform Artist, Educator

“God, Family, and My clients are my number one priority in life."


Craig Ballard is founder and President of Colour Urbanus LLC, a full service, marketing and communications firm.  Mr. Ballard and his wife Targee are proud parents of twin girls, Chloe and Noelle who are part of KKCC's Caterpillars Class.  Since incorporating in 2004, Colour Urbanus has served an array of clients in providing services such as advertising, business development, brand management, corporate communications, graphics design, social media, strategic marketing, video production & website development.  By working with clients to solve business challenges with innovative solutions, Mr. Ballard’s aim is to help clients become “the big fish in the sea.”

Clients have included Douglas Development Corporation, Laurel Board of Trade, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Bowie State University, Community Teachers Initiative, Prince George’s County Councilman Derrick Leon Davis, MD Delegate Dereck Davis, TXvia, and Kiddies Kollege Christian Center (for whom Colour Urbanus created its website)  Mr. Ballard says " My favorite part of having a marketing communications (marcom) business is the creativity, because it allows me to dig deep into the psyche, culture, and spirit of a client. Seeing a client have those Oprah-like ‘A-ha!’ moments of enlightenment and realization can be lots of fun”. 

For more information, call (202) COLOUR-U (265-6878), or email


Craig Ballard - Founder & President of Colour Urbanus LLC.

“It allows me to dig deep into the psyche, culture, and spirit of a client”


Curtis and Philip Price are the business owners of CrossFit Laurel (CFL) located at 14206 Cherry Lane Court, Laurel, MD 20707.  Their family has been involved in the health and wellness industry in Laurel for over 40 years. Both Curtis and Philip have daughters that attend Kiddies Kollege Christian Center. Laila, (Curtis’s daughter), is in the Chipmunk’s class and Jazmine, (Philip’s daughter), is in the Panda’s class.

Since 2010, CFL has been Maryland's ultimate fitness experience.  The professional fitness coaches use CrossFit principles to design fun, effective, and measurable exercise programs tailored to individuals of all fitness levels.  CFL's goal is to maximize every client's fitness and health potential.  Because they know fitness is a lifestyle, they have their very own on-site Pro Shop to assist you in nutritional supplements and healthy living. 

For a free intro session, go to  Or, call to schedule a tour to see how CFL can encourage you to living a healthy lifestyle and also enjoy a sense of belonging with a tight-knit fitness community.

For more information, please call 240-319-8931 or e-mail at


Curtis Price (left), Philip Price (right) - Business Owners of CrossFit Laurel

pictured with their mother Monika Price

“Maximize every client's fitness and health potential”

 Mrs. Jodie-Ann Hodge is a proud wife and mother of two young boys at KKCC. Aiden and Carter are in the Cheetahs and Beavers classes, respectively. Mrs. Hodge is also a Maryland licensed and ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) with over 10 years experience assessing, diagnosing and treating children 3 to 5 years old with speech and language impairments.  Working through PGCPS's Child Find program as well as privately, Mrs. Hodge's goal centers around "Moving Children Toward Communication". If you have questions or concerns with your child's ability to clearly communicate effectively, fluently express themselves, follow verbal directions or social language skills development, please contact Mrs. Hodge at  Advice, advocacy, resources or private speech or language screenings or assessments are available. Mrs. Hodge is dedicated to helping your child's voice be heard. 

Jodie Hodge - Speech Language Pathologist

“Moving Children Toward Communication”

Mr. Okonta is the founder and President of Victoria House Foundation (VHF), a start-up non-profit international development organization.  Mr. Okonta is a proud husband and parent of two children, Ariela who attends KKCC and Remy.  Mr. Okonta strongly desires to enhance education through technology.  His passion is to provide assistance and support to schools that will incorporate the use of technology to improve students' academic achievement.  His organization, VHF is committed to assisting secondary schools in developing regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, South America and Central America in laying the best academic foundation by providing computers and internet access with ongoing maintenance and training with the associated tools to advance education.  In November, 2013 at its inaugural project, VHF donated computers along with internet access and ongoing technical support to Bolade Junior Grammar school in Lagos, Nigeria. VHF is will be embarking on its next project this February 2015 in Essequibo, Guyana; Kumasi, Ghana in June; and Abuja, Nigeria towards the end of the year.  VHF is raising funds for its 2015 project.  To find out more about these projects or make a tax deductible donation visit  

Macfarlene Okonta - Victoria House Foundation

“Enhance education through technology"


Mrs. McDaniel (also known by KKCC students as "Ms. Mocha") is a proud Mom of two KKCC daughters:  one who graduated in 2013 (Justice), and the other who is currently in the Cubs class (Joy).  Ms. Mocha has been a certified fitness instructor for 22 years and enjoys sharing her gift of teaching and encouraging people of all ages about being healthy and getting into shape.  She is excited to bring back the KKCC "Holy Yoga/Pilates" Class in 2015 because the kids really enjoy learning about exercises and smart eating.  Her 15-minute KKCC class ends with the chant,  "Your Body is Your Temple"!  Please contact Ms. Mocha no matter what your level of fitness because she can definitely motivate you get started or to take your workout to the next level. or FaceBook:  Felecia Mocha Lee McDaniel  301-760-6537c 

Felicia McDaniel "Ms. Mocha" - Fitness Fanatics

“Your Body is Your Temple"


Mr. McDaniel is a proud Dad of two KKCC daughters: one who graduated in 2013, and the other who is currently in the Cub's class.  Mr. McDaniel has been practicing law for 19 years.  His firm handles the following types of cases: criminal defense, personal injury and civil rights litigation.  

Contact Mr. McDaniel and his associates for your legal needs: 1920 L. St. NW, Suite 303; Washington DC  20036


Brian McDaniel - Owner of McDaniel & Associates

“It's our privilage to pursue justice and preserve the rights of our clients”

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